I seem to wake up late to work very often.
It's such a horrible feeling to wake up a couple of hours after you are supposed to be at work, and your phone is full of missed calls from your boss.

I always joked it would be awesome to have an application that would automatically email my boss in case I didn't wake in time to do so.

It turns out there's an app for that - and it is awesome! So how does it work?

1) You need to use the form below to set the alert. Starting at the time you choose, we will try to contact you by email five times every five minutes (weekdays only).

2) You need to click on the link that's inside the email you will receive from us.

3) If you don't click on that link, we will send an email to the person you specify saying whatever you want us to say.

That's it! Simple huh?

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